Improve MAVLink Integration of Kirogi – Progress Report 2

Hello everyone!

This is my second progress report about GSoC 2020 project.

Please feel free to notice me if you have any question or idea :D

Kirogi can control multiple vehicles now

I finished implementing basic support for controlling multiple vehicles.

Now Kirogi automatically detects more than one vehicle on network and you can control them selecting each one.

This feature may not seem quite useful now but making Kirogi able to manage more than one vehicle at the same time will be very useful after implementing Mission Planner.

TCP&Serial communication will be supported

Currently class definition for supporting UDP and TCP connection is done.

Demonstration will be possible after implementing UI and class for managing those connections.

After implementing connection manager, overall class structure will be like below.

The UI for managing connections will be loaded at runtime. For QML to determine whether load the UI or not, all vehicle support plugins will have Q_PROPERTY isMultiConnectionSupported.

I think it would be better to have some kind of metadata file rather than adding virtual function that just returns constant value to vehicle support plugins. I think using KPluginMetaData. As I know, it just reads some specific keys from json file so I can't add arbitrary key to use but it seems I can read all keys from json file using  KPluginMetaData::rawData().

Message sequence will be tracked

As I mentioned earlier, MAVLink messages have sequence number.

All three kinds of connection classes parse incoming message using MAVLinkProtocol class. So implementing method for tracking sequence of message will be implemented in it.

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